Armageddon Conspiracy

coverFast-rising money manager Brent Lucas has no idea that the head of his new firm is an End of Days fanatic or that his multi-million dollar job is a set-up until a billion dollars disappears from a client’s account--and until he ends up as the only suspect. Determined to clear himself, he goes to his client’s home where he finds only corpses. Narrowly escaping, Lucas runs from both the FBI and his would-be killers. Fueled by memories of his brother’s tragic death in the Trade Center and aided by his ex-fiancee, a beautiful cop assigned to the Project Seahawk anti-terrorism taskforce, Lucas begins to unravel a flawlessly planned conspiracy. He discovers his politically unassailable boss has masterminded a plot aimed at bringing about Armageddon with stolen missiles, depleted nuclear fuel and a band of Muslim terrorists intent on killing the President. As the FBI closes in, Lucas launches his own desperate attempt to stop the madness before it is too late.

Armageddon Conspiracy, now available from Joggling Board Press. Originally published by Harbor House Books.


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